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Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering is a process of discovering the technological principles of a product, object or the system through an analysis of its structure, function and operation. This process is used for a better understanding of the product due to its maintenance or design of a new device with the same function, without copying the original parts.

With the development of computer-aided design (CAD), reverse engineering has become an acceptable method for creating 3D virtual models of existing physical objects for further use in 3D CAD, CAM, CAE and other software packages.

The process of reversible engineering includes measuring the shape of the object and reconstructing its 3D model. We are measuring the geometry of the object using a 3D scanning system ATOS. The scanned data is then processed in order to obtain a polygonized mesh that describes the scanned object in the highest possible detail. Further processing of the mesh (.stl) into GEOMAGIC software packages for the reconstruction of the CAD model provides surface (NURBS) or volume models (STEP, IGES).

One of the questions to be asked before the beginning of the reconstruction of the surfaces of the object is whether to obtain a model that fully describes a physical object or a model that will reflect the original idea of its designer. Depending on the requirement, the scanned geometry is reconstructed with an exact and/or parametric modeling approach.

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