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Triptop CMM

– optical photogrammetry system characterized by flexibility and mobility.

TRITOP fotogrametrija

The portable TRITOP CMM system measures coordinates of three-dimensional objects quickly and precisely. Measuring tasks that were traditionally performed by tactile 3D coordinate measuring machines can now be carried out easily with the TRITOP CMM system. It does not require any complex, heavy and maintenance-intensive hardware. The measuring machine comes to the object.

As with tactile coordinate measuring machines, TRITOP records the coordinates and their orientation in space for any feature of interest:

  • Surface points and sections
  • Primitives
  • Holes, punch holes and edges
  • Diameters, lengths, angles

After the 3D coordinates have been determined, the measurement is mathematically transformed into the coordinate system of the component:

  • RPS
  • Gage alignment
  • Best-fit

The measured and aligned data is used for various tasks:

  • CAD comparison
  • Verification of shape and position tolerances
  • Verification of specifications from drawings, files or tables
  • Initial measurements

Fields of application

  • Inspection of sheet metal parts and car bodies, e.g. in pilot production, process optimization, tool try-outs, series production ramp-up or during random samples
  • Quality control of large objects, e.g. aircraft, ships, wind turbines, etc.
  • Verification of plastic parts, e.g. for first article inspection
  • Verification and recording of fixtures
  • Measuring of models and prototypes, e.g. vehicle interior and exterior design
  • Verification of tubes and wires with respect to their three-dimensional shape
  • Measuring trimming edges of two-dimensional sheet metal blanks
  • Deformation analysis of car and climate chamber tests
  • Measuring of reference point fields

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