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3D printing


The new production industry, 3D printing, or direct digital production, enables rapid prototyping, as well as the production of spare parts or small series of final products.

The term Rapid prototyping refers to technologies that make it possible to create a physical representation of an object or model, made in CAD (Computer Aided Design) directly from a digital representation: a fully functional and complex working prototype. These technologies include a number of different modeling methods based on the principle of “building” a model as opposed to CAM technologies which obtain geometry by removing material.

Based on your CAD geometry and the purpose of your model, we will suggest the optimal technology for rapid prototyping or 3D printing. We can offer you the following technologies for 3D printing:

  • FDM technology
  • Polyjet technology
  • SLS technology
  • SL/SLA technology
  • LOM technology
  • DMLS technology

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