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CT scanning and inspection services


CT scanning is increasingly becoming the first choice for the digitalization of complex objects as it enables the digitalization of external and internal object structures.

Since CT scanning uses X-rays that pass through the entire scanned object, there is no need for disassembling or cutting the object.

Its characteristics make it the right choice for the digitalization of assemblies and objects with inaccessible internal structures made of plastic and light metals, such as castings and 3D prints, as well as deformable and transparent objects.

CT scanning results in a digital 3D model in .STL format, which can be additionally used for reverse engineering or quality control.


Using standard GOM software packages, the obtained 3D model can be used for:
• comparison of the actual object with the CAD model,
• control of external and internal dimensions (dimensional analysis and GD&T analysis),
• visualization of the material’s internal structure (porosity and inclusions),
• visualization of object’s wall thickness.

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