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Dimensional and Form Measurement Services


With measurement systems ATOS and TRITOP, we can easily and precisely record
form and dimensions of a wide array of objects, regardless of their material, size and
complexity. Systems are portable and robust, so measurements are not limited only to
the laboratory, but can also be performed on-site. The detailed form of a measured
object stays saved on a computer which, besides many programmable functions, also
allow many areas of applications such as:

  • Product development
  • Reconstruction
  • Design
  • Quality assurance and control


Service price is formed based on your inquiry.
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Tel / fax: +385 1 3496 010 or e-mail: digitalizacija@topomatika.hr,


Measurement systems ATOS and TRITOP can give us detailed dimensions and 3D
form of whole objects or their certain areas of special significance.
Depending on the type of analysis and expected results, we provide:

Ovisno o načinu analize i željenim rezultatima provodimo:

  • Comparison of scanning results against CAD model
  • Control and evaluation of defined tolerances of form and position
  • Comparison of product with prototype or sample
  • Virtual assembly of digitized parts


Using ATOS-a and TRITOP-a, it is easy to prepare typical measurement reports
(ok/NOT ok), that are customary with conventional measuring systems. But detailed 3D
optical digitalization also provides much more information, so that it is easier to find
causes of faults and allows optimization of the production process.

A typical application in toolmaking, sheet metal processing, metal casting and plastic
injection moulding is:

  • Checking and improving of tools and devices
  • Control of prototypes and trial series when optimizing the production process
  • Quality assurance in serial production with periodical control of samples
  • Complete automatic control of series of especially demanding product
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