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Displacement and deformation analysis services


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Knowledge of the behavior of objects under the influence of load is necessary for the development of new products or analysis of the existing condition. Measurements of the deformation field of machine parts are common in order to assess their strength. By analyzing samples in shredders, we determine the mechanical properties of the material. During dynamic loads, the vibration of the structure occurs, the knowledge of which is very important.

In the process of processing, the shape and properties of the material change significantly – thermal deformations during welding or thinning and cracking of sheets during bending are characteristic.
Numerical methods are used to simulate different processes, and their experimental verification is very important.

In solving these tasks, we have at our disposal top products, measuring system and software packages:


  • TRITOP is particularly suitable for accurately measuring the deformation of large structures
  • ARAMIS is intended for detailed analysis of displacement fields and minor deformations on the surface (e.g. stress concentrations, crack propagation, plasticization) or determination of mechanical properties of materials
  • ARGUS is a system for analysis of sheet metal bending that serves to control the forming process and detect critical places
  • GOM Correlate is a digital image correlation (DIC) program and evaluation of 3D testing of materials and components.

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